Applications Due in Less than 1 Week

Don't miss the deadline.

All applications for an at-large bid should be sent by e-mail to the tournament's convener ( These should include:

1) The names and e-mail addresses of both debaters applying

2) Debating accomplishments you would like us to consider (i.e., a debating CV)

--- These do not need to be accomplishments as a member of this team

3) Assurance that both debaters were students at the same university at some point during the calendar year prior to the RR

4) Name and qualifications of any judge you propose bringing

--- You are not required to bring a judge

--- A highly qualified judge may improve your application

--- This is a promise for that judge to attend if the team attends

--- It is possible for the team and not the judge to be invited (based on our needs).

5) The MINIMUM amount of financial aid you would need in order to attend

--- Due to our limited financial aid budget, we often need to give preferrance to teams with less need

--- Our maximum financial aid grant is $1000 or half of projected airfare, whichever is less

--- Most teams get considerably less than the maximum grant 


Applications are due by January 31. 


RR Selections Committee for 2013:

- Michael Baer   (ex officio, CA)

- Eric Barnes   (ex officio, Convenor)

- Colm Flynn

- Victor Finkel

- Leela Koenig



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