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Neil Harvey-Smith simply defines motions as “the topic for debate, worded “This House…”” (p.186) Essentially this house is the group that is proposing an action and that proposed action is the statement that follows.

In this page you will find hundreds of motions, many of them suggested by users, and some from tournaments that you may use as you wish. The intention of this list to give you ideas for possible debate motions so we have also included motions from the Debatabase. Where the proposer of the motion is known this also shows.

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This house believes Sperm and egg donors should retain their anonymity
This house believes states are justified in waging war in response to terrorist acts
This House believes states should offer citizenship to all children born in that state
This House believes students should take a gap year before college
This House believes subsidies on fuel should be eliminated
This House believes Tennessee is correct to protect teachers who wish to explore the merits of creationism
This House Believes Terrorism can be justified
Sophie Zeelenberg
This house believes that the State of Israel should immediately and publicly end all attempts to capture or kill Nazi war criminals.
This House believes that a cap-and-trade system is preferable to a carbon tax in reducing carbon emissions.
This House believes that a good husband makes a good wife
This House believes that a legal qualification is worth the cost
This house believes that a universal minimum standard of education is a prerequisite for democracy
This House Believes that academic performance is the best indicator of potential for sucessful life
This house believes that Advertising creates artificial needs
This House believes that advertising is harmful
This House Believes That all forms of art should not be subjected to censorship
This House believes that all literature, art, photography, film and music should be released under Creative Commons licenses
John Engle
This House believes that all nations should ban bullfighting
Jordan Anderson
This house believes that Anarchism is a valuable political ideology
This house believes that animals have rights.
This House Believes that assisted suicide should be legalized
Stephanie Clayton
This House believes that Balkan countries should be accepted in EU together as a package
This house believes that Barack Obama’s presidency has been a success
This House Believes That belief in God is irrational
James Laurenson
This House Believes That Biological parenthood should matter in custody hearings.
This House believes that bribery is sometimes acceptable
James Laurenson
This House believes that Britain should give up its EU rebate
Alastair Endersby
This House believes that cannabis should be legalised
This House believes that capital punishment should be abolished in Africa
This house believes that capitalism is better than socialism
Lisa Zhang
This House believes that children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.
This house believes that children should have the right decide if they want to write in pen or pencil
This house believes that civic tests are effective means for deciding whether someone should be granted citizenship
This house believes that civil society should be granted a wider participation in Africa’s political life
This house believes that consent is not a source of moral legitimacy
THIS HOUSE BELIEVES that countries which suffer from natural disasters should receive debt relief
This House believes that countries with an imbalanced male/female ratio skewed towards males should encourage parents to produce girls.
This House believes that countries with growing middle class (such as China) should no longer condone counterfeit goods
This House believes that defending the enemies of one's nation is legitimate free speech
Nick Bibby
This House believes that democracy is the only legitimate form of government
This House believes that democratic governments should require voters to present photo identification at the polling station.
This house believes that developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change than developing countries
This House believes that developing nations should place restrictions on rural-urban migration
This House believes that disbanding all militaries is necessary for global peace
This House Believes That diversity should not be a criteria for university entry
This House believes that doctors should be allowed to prescribe contraception for under-age girls
Clare Elliott
This House believes that downloading music without permission is morally equivalent to theft
James Laurenson
This House believes that elected representatives should not hold any additional posts while serving in government
This House Believes That Employees Should Be Compelled To Disclose Their HIV Status to Employers
This House believes that endangered species should be protected
Jordan Anderson