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Neil Harvey-Smith simply defines motions as “the topic for debate, worded “This House…”” (p.186) Essentially this house is the group that is proposing an action and that proposed action is the statement that follows.

In this page you will find hundreds of motions, many of them suggested by users, and some from tournaments that you may use as you wish. The intention of this list to give you ideas for possible debate motions so we have also included motions from the Debatabase. Where the proposer of the motion is known this also shows.

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This house believes we need a women’s quota in prison
This House believes we should respect our elders
This house believes we should strive for immortality
This House believes we're too late on global climate change
This House believes western intervention in Libya has been a success
This House believes western universities should only place satellites in states that respect free speech
Nick Bibby
This House believes Wikipedia is a force for good
This House believes wild animals should not be kept in captivity
This House believes women are poorly represented in the media
This house believes workers should share in the profits of the company in which they work
This House believes you have nothing to worry about surveillance if you have done nothing wrong.
This House belives that an ever closer union would benefit the citizens of Europe
This House belives that drug users should be given treatments instead punishment
This House belives that fast food restaurants bring more harm than good
This House belives that patriarchy is dead
This House belives that violent action to defend our environment is justified
This House Belives that wind power should be a primary focus of future energy supply.
Nick Bibby
This House calls for the increased use of referendums.
This house calls for the introduction of two-year degrees as standard
This House Does Not Trust the Market for Improvements in Energy Standards.
Nick Bibby
This House doesn’t trust Republicans with the economy
Nick Bibby
This House encourages foreign takeovers of companies
This House endorses debt forgiveness rather than bailouts in the Euro crisis
This House favours a common EU foreign policy
This House favours community service over imprisonment
This House favours multilateral aid.
Annie Jackson
This House is dreaming of a white Christmas. (Junior)
This House opposes televising all criminal trials, and the ICC is no exception
This House opposes U.S. hegemonic military power
Angela Gunn
This House prefers a philosopher king to a tyrannical democracy
This House prefers hiring people who love their profession even if they do not have excellent skills, to people with excellent skills but without love of their profession.
This House prefers its government Big and Beefy
Nick Bibby
This House prefers trade to aid
This House regrets that Ariel Sharon was not tried for war crimes by an international court
This House regrets that the Western media has demonized Islamic terrorists, rather than portraying them as criminals with legitimate political grievances.
This House regrets the choice of Brazil as fifa 2014 worldcup host
This House regrets the commodification of indigenous cultures
This House regrets the decline of tightly knit familiy
This House regrets the increasing popularity of dystopian novels
This House regrets the influence of tv and films on children
This House regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
This House regrets the influence of YouTube on popular culture
This House regrets the rise of online news and blogs
This house regrets the rise of teen idols
This House regrets urbanization
This House should treat on-field violence as assault.
This House supports a progressive tax rate
This House supports a technocratic government in times of dire financial crisis
This house supports a US millitary presence in East Asia
This House supports commercial surrogacy