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Neil Harvey-Smith simply defines motions as “the topic for debate, worded “This House…”” (p.186) Essentially this house is the group that is proposing an action and that proposed action is the statement that follows.

In this page you will find hundreds of motions, many of them suggested by users, and some from tournaments that you may use as you wish. The intention of this list to give you ideas for possible debate motions so we have also included motions from the Debatabase. Where the proposer of the motion is known this also shows.

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This House supports the decision of the state of Bavaria to publish Mein Kampf
Nick Bibby
This House supports the development of a missile defence system
John Engle
This house supports the idea of participatory democracy
This House supports the legalisation of drugs
Megan Stodel
This House Supports the New START Treaty
Jordan Anderson
This House supports the use of genetically engineered plants in developing countries
This House supports the use of truth and reconciliation commissions
Alastair Endersby
This House wants a line-item veto amendment
Alastair Endersby
This House welcomes US help in fighting terrorist organisations in Africa
This House would abolish congressional earmarks
Alastair Endersby
This house would require any journalist working for print newspapers, TV, radio or online newspapers to have a government issued licence
This House would "out" gay celebrities
Pamela Cohn
This House Would (as a Christian Church) allow the ordination of gay and lesbian priests
James Laurenson
This House would (as the United States Federal Government) substantially increase funding for free and subsidised public transportation
This House would abandon Kofi Annan’s peace plan for Syria
This House would abandon the timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan
Jordan Anderson
This House would abolish agricultural subsidies
This House would abolish all collective bargaining rights claimed by trades unions
This house would abolish all term-limits on the service of elected heads of state
This House would abolish collective bargaining rights for unions.
Zal Shukla
This House would abolish credit
This House would abolish government funding of private schools
This House would abolish grading in schools
This house would abolish intellectual property rights
John Engle
This House Would Abolish nuclear weapons
Mark Dellora
This house would abolish plea bargaining
This House would abolish school summer holidays
This House would abolish special purpose schools.
This House would abolish standardized tests for University Admission
This House would abolish the immunity of diplomats
This house would abolish the minimum wage
This House would abolish the monarchy.
Stephanie Clayton
This House would abolish the retirement age
This house would abolish the security council veto
Mark Dellora
This House would abolish the single European currency
This House would Abolish the Superdelegate System for Democratic Party Conventions.
Nick Bibby
This House would abolish the US Electoral College
Nick Bibby
This House would abolish welfare services for the poor and give them the equivalent in cash instead
This House would act to regulate the activities of Sovereign Wealth Funds
Alastair Endersby
This House would adopt a foreign policy of neutrality
This House would adopt proportional representation
This house would adopt the alternative vote
Charlotte R Jones
This House would adopt the sustainable development goals
This House would allow a referendum on Catalan independence
This House would allow abortion at all stages of pregnancy
This House would allow biased versions of history to be taught in schools
This House would allow capital punishment in international criminal law
This House would allow celebrities to switch off the limelight
Nick Bibby
This house would allow child labor in thirld world countries
This House would allow cohabiting couples who wish to end their relationships to request that the courts supervise the division of their property