Tuymaada Cup 2017

9 Jan 2017 - 10 Jan 2017
World Schools
High Schools
Chief Adjudicators: 

Irina Petrova

Ivan Sukhov

Andrey Platonov

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


debate clubs of Yakutsk and Gymnasium №63 St. Petersburg, Russia
Gymnasium №63 St. Petersburg
pr. Kultury 11/4
Saint-Petersburg 195274
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Education Department of the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Russian Federation in St. Petersburg invite you to take part 9 - 10 January 2017 at the International Saha-Petersburg school debate tournament "Tuymaada Cup 2017" which will be held in Gymnasium №63 in cooperation debate clubs of Yakutsk and Gymnasium №63 St. Petersburg.

Location: Russia, St. Petersburg, pr. Kultury, 11/4.

The format of the debate - World school debate format (according to World School Debate Championships).

Depending on the number of applications will be formed English-speaking and Russian-speaking Leagues.

MOTIONS Thematic area: Ecological problems.

Day 1 1 and Round 2 - prepared motion 1: This house believes that activities of environmental organizations are senseless, Round 3 - impromptu motion, preparation 25 minutes

On the first day of the tournament will be held an exhibition of countries / cities / schools where you can show your talents and souvenirs.

Day 2 Round 4 - prepared motion 2: This house believes that environmental protection should have priority over economic stability and progress, Semifinal - impromptu motion, preparation 25 minutes (only for Russian-speaking League), Final - prepared motion 2

4-8 and 11 January for the teams not from St. Petersburg the ORGCOM may propose the organization of excursions.

Applications will be accepted from October 20 until December 1, 2016 via e-mail

Phone the organizers WhatsApp/WeChat: +7 911 998 1047 (Ivan Sukhov).

WhatsApp +79247611409 Irina Petrova (Yakutsk),

In the registration form to indicate

1. The name of the team

2. First Name, Last Name 3 main speakers and up to 3 reserve speakers.

3. The name of educational institution and postal address

4. Coach First Name, Last Name

5. Coach mobile phone number

6. Coach E-mail

7. Debating language (Russian or English)

8. Special and excursions requirements.

The organizing committee requests to issue a paper application for each team from the educational institution and bring it to the tournament. The application form and the tournament schedule attached to the message. The regulations of the tournament (2017): Information portal of the tournament:


Tuymaada Cup 2017
Gymnasium №63 St. Petersburg
pr. Kultury 11/4
Saint-Petersburg 195274

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