This House believes the internet brings more harm than good

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I believe that is not the internet what brings harm  but how the people use it; to respond the question I do believe Internet brings more harm than good

The Internet is a web that connects all the computers in the world. It's a good way to connect with people; without the internet people can loose their connections. For me the internet doesn't bring any harm to the world. In contrary with it the people move much faster in every way. Instead i think that is the people that use it are the one's that bring harm to the world . Not only the people but the way they use it. People bring cyber bullying, murders, verbal harm and more to the Internet. In my school there was a case of cyber bullying were one person did an account on facebook; This person put a random name and started insulting people. My grade started to be more away from each other; there were more little groups of people than before. This shows how via the Internet a person broke the unity of a group of people. I do believe The Internet brings more harm than good.  There's a lot of people connecting but there is also millions of cases of people being harmed on the Internet.


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mariajimenez123456789 wrote:

I believe that is not the internet what brings harm  but how the people use it; to respond the question I do believe Internet brings more harm than good

I am slightly surprised that anyone can answer that the internet is negative these days - it is such an essential part of life. Yes there is some harm in terms of bullying and abuse but this happened before the internet too, it just occured in different ways - and in some ways was worse because it was more likely to be physical. Previously your case would have been something like anonomous letters but could have the same effect.

The only really different thing is that it is more possible for people who are totally unknown to you to be bullying; but frankly almost everyone knows to ignore such trolls on the internet. 

On the other hand there are a huge number of benefits like ummmm... this site!

If the internet was really more harmful than good would so many people use it?

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There is not really too much evidence that the internet does too much harm, unless you don't use it right or use it in harmful ways. It gives information, communication, and many other essential things. I getting information from anywhere other the than the internet is possible, but not even half as effecient. With the internet the answer to any question is only seconds away, and so it does much good and little harm.

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Before I begin, allow me to apologize beforehand for my lack of knowledge and my lack of eloquence, I'm just trying to get more involved with the site. And also try and engage in discussions .


Personally, I see the internet always bringing more good than harms, although there cannot be any refutation that the internet's potential for harm is still pretty high, albeit mostly avoidable, which is the main reason I see the internet being more good.


What I mean by this is that all the benefits of the internet, such as an increased knowledge base, ease to communicate with others, potential chance for many oppurtunities such as starting a business, dating someone online and such are all well established and it's extremely easy for us to access and do, but this also makes it extremely easy for us to avoid if we so choose which brings me over to what I mean by harms being mostly avoidable. Why do I say it's extremely easy to avoid ? Well since we are not exactly forced to type a url into our browser and surf are we ?


Take for example cyber bullying which is getting more and more attention today about an individual running their mouths about online and trying to be a big shot, all major social websites allow you to report a user, and even if the user kept trying to bully you, you could also just try, ignoring the bully and play a game or what not. On the issue of personal information leaks, well that is a real issue but really, it can be avoided with proper education on internet use, and an improvement in security technology on your pc.


Err, I'm going to stop here, I see, to have just kept on talking without getting to a point. Sorry !

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fire, u can use it for preparing delicious food stuffs or use it to burn a house

it depends on how you use it and so with the internet

its a medium to fill us with knowledge, provide us with stuffs whatever we want so if you're trying tofind something you shouldnt then its not internet's mistake but urs.


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SAUMYA wrote:

use it for preparing delicious food stuffs or use it to burn a house

I imagine the internet will give you guidance on how to do both of those too!

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I believe that the internet not only is a good thing but it should be thought as a good thing. I think it is a good thing because of how modern it is kids use it for homework, educational purposes, and to just hang out. With this sudden upgrade in technology i believe it is better to keep this because what are we going to do for class assignments? What are we going to do when we need to go look something up for a project? What are we going to do once we miss a day of school, are we going to not do our homewgeneration today not only ork because we cant go on Facebook and message our friends to see what it is? The generation today not only relies on the internet for facebook, Instagram, Twitter,etc. we use it for other purposes. It should not be banned because of the effects it will have on todays societies.

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