Charter cities: a good idea or neo imperialism?

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Charter cities: a good idea or neo imperialism?

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Aid has been flowing by the billions to poor countries for decades yet seems to make very little difference. Much is used simply to help those in poverty survive, much goes to states directly that then often misuse it, such as on militaries or it goes into corrupt pockets. Overall aid seems to have had precious little impact on development. Paul Romer an economist from Stanford University has come up with the idea of creating Charter cities. Instead of funnelling large amounts of aid idea of Charter cities is that they would provide the right regulatory framework for growth. It is often recognised that one of the developing world’s big problems is poor governance so having areas of good governance will provide a focus for growth and a model for whole regions. In order to provide this charter cities would be provided with a charter and rules by developed countries but would be sited in the developing world. Not surprisingly this has lead to criticism about the charter cities idea imposing western rules and norms on the developing world. Any views on whether this is a good idea? (see the links for more information about the specifics)


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