Using Deliberative Techniques to Teach United States History

Using Deliberative Techniques to Teach United States History
Eleanora von Dehsen, Ph.D. and Nancy Claxton, Ed.D.
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Using Deliberative Techniques to Teach United States History is written for busy teachers who want to bring innovation and participatory teaching techniques into their classroom. Using the methodologies of debate, role plays, simulations, and presentations, teachers can help secondary level students learn about major topics in American history in a way that encourages critical thinking and writing, and facilitates comprehension and retention. Twenty lessons cover:

  • In Columbus’s Words
  • The Colonies
  • Revolution!
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Ratification
  • Indian Removal
  • Slavery
  • Women and Abolition
  • The Lincoln–Douglas Debates
  • Reconstruction
  • Immigration
  • Turn of the 20th Century Reform
  • World War I
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • The New Deal
  • Truman and the Atom Bomb
  • Rights Revolution
  • Vietnam
  • Rights in Wartime
  • Past and Present

Eleanora von Dehsen. Ph.D has edited and written supplemental educational materials for numerous publishers and organizations.

Nancy Claxton Ed.D., has written textbooks, curriculum, and educational materials for various organizations, including the International Federation of Red Cross, Ministries of Education, the United Nations, and the Open Society Foundations.

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