How to Organize an International Debate Tournament: A Brief Guide

How to Organize an International Debate Tournament: A Brief Guide
Ana Gurau and Zsófia Murányi
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This handbook is meant to provide debate societies and clubs with practical advice on how to organize debate tournaments on university campuses. These recommendations stem from our Debate Society’s experience of holding the first international debate competition in Hungary, and could come in handy for any similar initiative, whether at a private or public university.

Ana Gurau is an alumna of Central European University, where she received a degree in Public Policy in 2011. She has nearly ten years of debating experience in Moldova, Romania and Hungary. She managed accounting and fund-raising for Budapest Open 2012, the first international BP tournament in Hungary, and continuously contributes to the development of CEU Debate Society. In her non-debate life, Ana is a tax consultant.

Zsófia Muranyi is a graduate student of International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest. After her first encounter with competitive debate in the spring of 2011, she helped set up and lead a debate society at her own institution, the first ever BP style society at a Hungarian state university. She joined the organizing committee of Budapest Open 2012 as part of the fund-raising team, and went on to be co-convenor of Budapest Open 2013. After completing her MA in International Relations, she began a second MA in Political Science at Central European University.

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