This House Would Give Obama A Second Term

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This House Would Give Obama A Second Term

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President Obama officially launched his campaign to be elected for a second term as President of the United States yesterday. Despite the recovery not yet being very strong Obama hopes that by giving a positive vision, as he did in 2008, he can beat his challenger Mitt Romney who he is portraying as being both negative and wrong on the economy. As with other elections around the world, the French and Greek at the weekend being good examples, the debate is about how much austerity is needed or is it needed at all. Romney would cut back the state and if possible cut taxes whereas Obama has shown over the past four years he is willing to expand the debt to try and stimulate the economy.

This debate was written several months ago so needs a lot of updating. Please give suggestions here what what needs to be changed.


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Romney will be more careful with our money than Obama

  1. Obama gave a lot of money to the people who help him get elected. 
  2. Romney is better at investing money than Obama. Romney is better at telling the difference between good ideas and bad ideas.  
  3. Romney balanced the budget ever year he was in office. 
  4. Obama set record budget deficits every year he was in office. 
  5. Solyndra is an example of crony capitalism.
  6. Romney has said that we should invest in basic research, not back truck loads of tax payer money to for profit corporations. 
  7. People from the Obama campaign asked Solyndra to not lay people off until after the election.
  8. Obama fails to understand the basic nature of free enterprise in America. 
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3/4 is not really comparing like with like. One small state in a boom compared to a rather bigger one in a bust!

I should also point out that this is a whole load of assertions without any explanation let alone evidence!

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