Freedom vs. Security: The Struggle for Balance

Lee Sean Huang and Nicholas DiBiase (Editor)
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The latest volume in the Sourcebook on Contemporary Controversies series, Freedom vs. Security offers users diverse viewpoints on the ongoing debate over the balance between personal liberty and community security. The work provides an overview, putting the issue in historical context, and twelve contemporary articles of varying perspectives on four vital aspects of the question. Chapters on emergency state powers, detainment, free speech, and surveillance invite readers to consider how each topic fits into the larger balance. Introductory essays articulate the basic themes of each chapter, while questions frame debatable issues for each essay. With sources ranging from well-known academics to public figures, Freedom vs. Security is a powerful catalyst for galvanizing debate. 

Lee-Sean Huang, who holds a B.A. in government from Harvard, is an artist and activist based in New York City.

Nicholas DiBiase is an entrepreneur based in Phoenix. He holds a B.A. in politics from Arizona State University.

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