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Balkan Youth Newsroom

The IDEA Southeast Europe in partnership with "Juzne Vesti" from Nis, Serbia, "ONAuBiH", from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and student radio "UGD FM" from Stip, Macedonia announces an open call for applications to select youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia to participate in Balkan Youth Newsroom.
Deadline for applying: 31 March 2015


The “Balkan Youth Newsroom” project includes 60 youth from Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina well trained in art of journalism, video editing, photography, investigative journalism, digital storytelling, online writing, creating and maintaining a news website that as an outcome will produce stories using different kind of media covering issues from all main priority policy areas. All stories will be published on the “Youth Newsroom” platform created by IDEA SEE, as well as will be offered and advocated for publication in other websites, newspapers, TV stations and radios that will be subscribed to the “Balkan Youth Newsroom” content or that operate individually in the project countries.


Young people aged 18-28 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia from are invited to apply for the project.

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Note to Applicant: The following questions are designed to assess the reasons why you are interested in the Balkan Youth Newsroom workshop as well as how we can cater the curriculum and teaching to the needs of the participants. You should not feel that there are 'right' or 'wrong' answers to these questions. The best way to answer these questions is honestly and insightfully. If you are accepted to the workshop, you may be asked to complete a more detailed questionnaire.

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