Discovering the World Through Debate: A Practical Guide to Educational Debate for Debaters, Coaches & Judges

Discovering the World Through Debate
William Driscoll, Robert Trapp and Joseph Zompetti
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The book features a completely new section on argumentation for debaters, promoting a more complete examination of the process of argument construction, a new classification of debate propositions, and a thorough discussion of constructing arguments for and against each of the kinds of debate propositions.  These additions are made while maintaining the first two editions' practical discussion of Debate using the Karl Popper format in an international setting.  As on previous editions, the book includes 50 exercises to be used in the classroom or debate club.

William Driscoll has taught English, theater, Latin, Greek, history and political philosophy at various schools in the New York area.

Robert Trapp is Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies, Director of Forensics at Willamette University.

Joseph P. Zompettiis assistant professor of communication and director of debate at Mercer University.

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