Scrap the Queens Speech?

 The British Parliament is known for its conflictual style but there is one area in which there is little conflict; the Queen as head of state makes the British equivalent of the State of the Union thus making it oddly non-political.

European Election results: Low turnouts and extremist gains

(Photo: Nigel Farage Campaigning by Jennifer Jane Mills CC 2.0)

Why you should get out there and vote.

The elections for the European Parliament (EP) are starting today. Polls have already opened where I am in the United Kingdom (before you ask no I have not voted yet but will in the next couple of hours). The Netherlands are also voting today, Ireland and Czech Republic tomorrow, followed by Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and France's overseas territories on Saturday.

Commission President TV debate; essentially vacuous or a big step forward?

Screenshot of Eurovision Debate broadcast on BBC Parliament

The end of Securing Liberty

I am sorry to say that this blog is at an end. You have probably noticed that the blog has not been updated for a while, this is because IDEA UK is moving office but at the same time we are changing roles, and I am to do much less content work. 

Chinese intelligence had access to Australian MPs emails for up to a year

With the US having been the center of attention when it comes to snooping on people of late it is good to be reminded that they are hardly the only ones who are at it. The United States was snooping on German Chancellor Angela Merkel among others, the Chinese have at the very least been snooping on the Australian government.

Putin calls the internet a CIA project

This is patently ridiculous it is clearly a NSA project… joking aside Russia’s President Putin has said that the internet is a CIA project that the agency is continuing to develop. This seems unlikely; why would the internet be so chaotic if the CIA created it? Why would it be so open to abuse and criminality?

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