IDEA UK takes part in DCLG focus group

(photo by Faiths Forum London - Lord Ahmad on the far right, me just about poking into the photo on the far left)

Will there be a ‘Brexit’?

While all eyes in the UK are focused on the General Election in May it should not be forgotten that the result of the General Election could have a profound impact on Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

Greens and Nationalist parties to take part in revamped debates

The format for the proposed TV debates has been revised; instead of three debates of varying sizes, the biggest with four participants, there will now be one debate between the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband and the Prime Minister David Cameron and two with seven party leaders.

UK General Election TV debates; will they go ahead?

In the 2010 election the UK had TV debates for the first time. They roughly followed the model of the US Presidential debates with a moderator and the main candidates and each debate had a ‘theme’; domestic, international and economic affairs.

How can voter turnout in the UK be increased?

The UK is heading towards a General Election next May, and internationally speaking we have pretty low voter turnout for our general elections. In the last such election in 2010 voter turnout was 65.1%, and that was an increase compared to 2005 and 2001 where turnout was around 60%.

Is Britain heading towards being a police state?

For anyone from an authoritarian regime the idea that Britain might be heading towards being a police state might seem absurd, yet that is the suggestion of Sir Peter Fahy.

Is decentralisation the way forward for activism?

There were demonstrations in more than 400 cities as part of the Million Mask March. In London while much of the march was peaceful clashes with police near Buckingham Palace led to 15 demonstrators being arrested.

Is the UK turning to the right?

Last Thursday the UK Independence Party (UKIP) did very well in two by-elections. It won its first MP in Clacton upon Sea and ran Labour very close in Heywood and Middleton.

For or against the ‘big society’?

The Conservative party cant seem to decide whether it likes charities or not.

Conservatives to ‘Abolish youth unemployment’

At the start of the Conservative party conference David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, declared his intention, if his party wins the next election in May, to abolish youth unemployment. [Quote=David Cameron] At heart I want us effectively to abolish youth unemployment.

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