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The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) gives young people a voice through education, debate and by raising their awareness about worldwide issues.

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With a lizard face in the journalistic jungle Walking down...
23 Apr 2015
The Day of the voice, April 16, saw (former) homeless youth...
22 Apr 2015
Seven enthusiastic youth workers from Duiven in the...
22 Apr 2015
Train the trainer kicks off in Brussels   IDEA Middle...
22 Apr 2015

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The Romanian Association for Thinking and Oratory (ARGO)...
21 Apr 2015
The Athens Open 2015 will be organised from Friday August...
6 Apr 2015
Universidad del Rosario and the CMUDE Organising Committee...
31 Mar 2015
The Lafayette Debates is an academic series initiated...
9 Mar 2015

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Accra Open is an international #debate tournament taking place this June in the capital city of Ghana, Accra.
2:02 pm - 28 Apr 15
RT @CMDNCollective: Mega excited to be hosting FREE discussion on #feminism and #activism with @londonisfem & @iDebate May 14th…
1:32 pm - 28 Apr 15
Should stem cell research involving human embryos be banned?
10:31 am - 28 Apr 15
RT @debatingeurope Why has #Poland done so well in comparison to many other former socialist economies?
9:51 am - 28 Apr 15
▶ What does debating have in common with magic? by Amanda Moorghen at TEDxYouth@HamptonCourtHouse. #debate #magic
4:01 pm - 27 Apr 15