Tunisia Boxing Days
Boxing Days 2015, (Hammamet,Tunisia)
Filmed live debate on compulsory parental leave for fathers now online
'Live' debate on compulsory parental leave for fathers airs online (Brussels, Belgium)
young children compare life in Bulgaria and the UK
Debating life in Bulgaria and the UK (London, England)

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‘Is it better to live in the UK or Bulgaria?’...
22 Jul 2015
Dutch former high school debater Caspar Jacobs moved to...
21 Jul 2015
Over 50 youth from Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia,...
8 Jul 2015
Should parental leave be compulsory for fathers? This was...
6 Jul 2015

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 Call for expression of interest Are you...
20 Jul 2015
How can we become better debaters and trainers, and spread...
15 Jun 2015
The Czech Debate Society, wish to invite you to the 12th...
4 May 2015
The Romanian Association for Thinking and Oratory (ARGO)...
21 Apr 2015

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Should the face veil be banned across the EU? http://t.co/sVS8W7uNjw via @debatingeurope
5:52 pm - 31 Jul 15
IDEBATE Press: Human Trafficking Reconsidered. http://t.co/8tPg4jD5EA
12:09 pm - 31 Jul 15
Today's debate: This House would ban beauty contests. http://t.co/wMTmx9xwix
4:00 pm - 30 Jul 15
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates: "Obama's U.S.-Iran Deal Is Good For America." http://t.co/FrDipe4Bde
11:33 am - 30 Jul 15
Art and Design for Advocacy 2015: Fedja is speaking about the two structural parts of art, aesthetics and ideology. https://t.co/f2tGVCx7B1
4:17 pm - 29 Jul 15